Maisey Harris & Co

Aleisha Broome

Social Butterfly

Aleisha has been working at MCHO for over 3 years now as a Client Manager and is a Chartered Accountant. Her bubbly personality and charisma bring an uplifting energy to our office that we absolutely love and rely on! She leads with enthusiasm and authenticity in all of her client relationships, and is fantastic at connecting with all the people she works with. Having a background in audit, she has amazing attention to detail and the quality of her work is always top notch.

Not only is she the queen of good vibes, she also runs two small businesses with her hubby Jonny, and is mum to her baby boy, Hunter and two doggos, Maverick & Mieka. When Aleisha’s not working, she might be out walking her dogs or getting some Vitamin D from the sun on the water, either jet skiing or wakeboarding!