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Discover where cash goes in your business, and how to achieve cashflow freedom with us!

Join us on the 15th of February for our workshop, ‘Achieving Cashflow Freedom’, and Matt Solomona will have you mastering the art of cashflow management in no time!

By attending, you’ll:

  • Learn how a tougher economy could impact your business
  • Understand how to better plan for ‘what ifs’
  • Discover multiple ways to increase sales outcomes
  • Understand how measurement improves management
  • Learn the processes required to boost your cash levels

Attendee points of value:

  • Prepare for a tougher economy and reduced customer spending
  • Develop a plan for addressing potential scenarios
  • Implement strategies to boost sales outcomes
  • Set targets, measure results, and track your business’s health
  • Implement robust processes to achieve cashflow freedom

In turbulent times, achieving healthy cashflow can seem unattainable. Matt will make sure you leave this workshop with the toolset to survive in a tougher economy. You’ll be able to implement robust process to help you set targets, measure results, and track your business’s health. You’ll definitely be heading on the path towards a healthier cashflow!

We’ll demonstrate effective strategies to secure your cash position, and ultimately achieve cashflow freedom!

Achieving Cashflow Freedom Details

Date: Wednesday, 13 March 2024

Time: 10:00am – 11:30am

Location: BNZ Partners Centre, Tauranga

Tickets: $30 per person

Coffee/tea and snacks provided.

Achieving Cashflow Freedom (TGA)

Price: $30.00