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Xero for Beginners – Training Webinar

When: Wednesday, 20th July 2022 Time: 10:00am to 11:00am Cost: Free Description: Xero has been a game changer for businesses over the last 10 years! Whether you’re wondering if Xero is right for you and your business, you’re just getting started with Xero, or, looking for a refresher of the basics – this is for you! […]

Xero’s Customer Success Story – Enduring Relationships

In April 2018 Xero NZ invited us to feature in a Customer Success Story. In this promotional campaign, Xero invited us and our client Ken Sines, business owner of Made In Metal, to feature in the success story. Naturally, we accepted and participated in a few days of photos and video at our respective premises. […]

The Traits of Success – Discover the Three Freedoms

What makes up success is something we’ve had to think a lot about. At Maisey Harris & Co, helping businesses become successful is what drives us in what we do. But we’ve learned that success isn’t as easy to define as simply having a profitable, growing company. If you ask what success means to people, you […]

Living above the Line – Understanding O.A.R.B.E.D

Ownership. Accountability. Responsibility.                                                                                                     Blame. Excuses. Denial. […]

Understanding Tax: Use of Money Interest (UOMI)

Last time on our blog we discussed Terminal and Provisional tax. The fun is not yet over… this week we thought we might tackle Use of Money Interest, or for short, UOMI. So what is UOMI? Use of money interest is the IRD charging you interest on the tax you have underpaid, effectively trying to discourage […]

Understanding Tax: Terminal vs. Provisional

Tax. It’s the dirty word all business owners flinch at. Newcomers stress about that second year hit, and everyone winces when the lump sums leave their bank accounts. But how many business owners understand tax? And how many newcomers know what to expect? We thought we’d put together a blog breaking down some of the […]

Forecasting: Focusing on Your Business’s Future

Previously on this blog we discussed Profit vs Cash Flow. However, here at MHCo we don’t just look at what your business is doing but also where it is going. The new era of accounting is here, and looking forward is the new black. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to know more! MHCo is […]