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Is your business turning a profit, but you’re still wondering where the cash is in your business?

From understanding your breakeven point, reducing cost of sales, and boosting cash stocks, there are strategies that you can be implementing to better prepare for an economic downturn and achieve cashflow freedom.

Join us for our next workshop – Achieving Cashflow Freedom. This workshop will help you discover where the cash goes in your business and teach you how to better manage your cash to achieve cashflow freedom.

Brittney Benn will take you through the essential steps you need to know to achieve cashflow freedom. By attending this workshop, you’ll:

  • Know the difference between profit and cash
  • Learn how to prepare for economic downturns
  • Discover how increase your leads, conversion rate, and transaction value
  • Understand how measuring helps improve management
  • Discover where the cash goes in your business

The Details:

Date: 25 July

Time: 10am – 11am

Location: BNZ Partners Centre

Register here:

Cashflow Freedom

Price: $40.00