In April 2018 Xero NZ invited us to feature in a Customer Success Story…

Peter and Nathan featured in Xero NZ promotion 2018

Why Xero chooses Maisey Harris & CO…

Filming Maisey Harris with Xero NZ
Maisey Harris & Co are Chartered Accountants and Business Development Specialists. They are also Xero Gold Partners and are often invited by the Xero NZ team to participate in various showcases as exemplary Xero partners and clients themselves.

What’s the Xero Campaign about?

Xero Promotion with Maisey Harris and Made In Metal Hamilton
In this promotional campaign by Xero, they invited us and our client Ken Sines, business owner of Made In Metal to feature in a Customer Success Story. Naturally, we said accepted and participated in a few days of photos and video at our respective premises. Xero will use the case study and videos to promote on their website and across Social Media.

We think Xero did an A W E S O M E job producing this campaign and the two videos! You can read the full Customer Success Story over on the Xero NZ website here:

About Xero Promotional Video 1

Xero refers to Maisey Harris & Co as more than just accountants, and a non-traditional accounting business that offers more than just tax advice.

Creating long-lasting relationships is the secret to both their own success and their clients. In the first promo video, Nathan talks about the relationship between Maisey Harris & Co and client, Ken Sines, Made In Metal:

Some people probably don’t like to be friends with their clients but we really value that and we like creating those enduring relationships. It’s not just about our business relationship with Ken, we hangout outside of business.

Our why is that we want to see people succeed, success looks different to different people, the motivating factor is helping them achieve those things and so for them to say; “Hey you helped us get there” – That’s what it’s all about.

Maisey Harris & Co – Going all out to help businesses thrive…

Ken Sines and Nathan Maisey

In the Xero Customer Success Story they Nathan and Peter’s perspective on building relationships:

Establishing these close working relationships with clients has put Nathan and Peter into the valuable position of being able to advise people like Ken on other areas of their business. As small business owners, Nathan and Peter have learnt from the successes and challenges involved in starting up Maisey Harris & Co, and have purposefully set out to create an accounting business that offers clients advice on more than just their finances.

“For us, accounting isn’t just about debits, credits and tax,” says Nathan. “We want Maisey Harris & Co to be about coaching clients to be the best version of themselves.”

By establishing common ground with clients and expanding their services into business development and coaching, Nathan and Peter are able to give small businesses insights that they wouldn’t necessarily have access to otherwise.

“Success looks different to different people, they might want to work less hours, spend more time with their kids, pay off their mortgage,” says Nathan. “For us, the motivating factor is helping them achieve those things, whatever they are. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.”

For Ken and his team at Made In Metal, using Nathan and Peter as a sounding board has been incredibly helpful in understanding how the business is performing and where improvements can be made.

“Nathan showed me there was more that he could do for me,” says Ken. “He’s become a business analyst, he’s helped push us forward, and is addressing areas we need to be focusing on.”

“We get a lot of satisfaction out of the finished product, but customer satisfaction is really important,” says Ken. “We’re pretty transparent and we encourage people to come in and see the process.”

This shared understanding of the importance of creating enduring relationships – plus a common interest in cars and cycling – explains why Nathan and Ken have worked so well together over the last five years.

About Xero Promotional Video 2

See Made In Metal in action

In the Xero Customer Success Story they continue further to discuss the importance of collaboration:

From the very beginning of their accounting business, Nathan and Peter made a choice to use Xero for all their clients. And using Xero with Made In Metal has enabled open conversations about the business. With access to all the same data and information, setting achievable goals and targets has been easy to do.

“Xero was a game changer for us,” says Nathan. “We wanted to help clients succeed and that meant giving them up-to-date and timely information – and Xero allows us to do that.”

For Ken, a self-confessed technophobe, learning how to use new software might have been a daunting prospect but, with Nathan’s support, Ken and the Made In Metal team have embraced Xero.

“We love Xero. I’m not sharp when it comes to computer skills but it was really easy to use,” says Ken. “When I meet with Nathan, we’re pulling information out, doing reports, setting goals and targets. It all comes out of Xero.”

And for businesses like Made in Metal, where Ken manages the business on his own, Nathan has identified the importance of offering these clients support and advice in addition to their financial needs.

“It’s about getting our clients in a room with a trusted advisor,” says Nathan. “We give them the opportunity to have us, not as a business partner, but as a partner to their business. We give them the tools and the knowledge and a shoulder to cry on sometimes that they wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Ken recognises the impact that Nathan and the team at Maisey Harris have had on Made In Metal, both as a friend outside of work and as a reliable partner to the business.

“We’ve always had an accountant, but it’s a totally different situation with Nathan,” says Ken. “We’ve got someone sitting behind us, helping drive the business forward, meeting each month, and helping us reach our targets and goals.”

Everything about Nathan and Peter’s approach to their accounting business is to enable and support other small businesses. From their conscious decision to have fixed monthly costs instead of an hourly rate to their move into business coaching, it’s all directed towards their aim of creating enduring working relationships that benefit everyone.

This second video was shot with the purpose of featuring as a promotional video with no spoken dialogue. The video was shot on site at Made In Metal with business owner and client Ken Sines, along with Nathan Maisey and Peter Harris.

We think Xero did an A W E S O M E job producing both videos! You can read the full Customer Success Story over on the Xero NZ website here: