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Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow forecasting is critical to the survival and growth of any business, without establishing targets for the year you will be flying blind…

Why we developed this service.

Cashflow forecasting is critical to the survival and growth of any business, without establishing targets for the year you will be flying blind.

We find that our most successful clients are those who’ve set targets each year and monitor their results on a regular basis. Our team want to help you to set, monitor and manage financial targets and improve business performance.

A Cashflow Forecast will set monthly financial targets and provide you with a monthly breakdown of all of your income and expenses for a minimum 12 month period. This enables you to regularly measure actual results against budget so that you can respond to any change in your business, and have control over your cash flow.

If you don’t have a current Cash Flow Forecast in place, then we recommend this service for you.

An ideal time to have a Cash Flow Forecast prepared is prior to commencing a new financial year. However, it can be done at any point during the year and we recommend that you put one in place as soon as possible to gain control of your cash flow. You may also be required to provide one for finance applications to banks or for lease agreements.

We will develop a Cash Flow Forecast proposal unique to your situation, based on discussions with you around target setting and the objectives you’d like to achieve.  On acceptance of the proposal, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire and submit this with your last year’s financial records (if we don’t already have them) in order to develop your draft Cash Flow Forecast.

We will then arrange a meeting to review the draft forecast with you to discuss and finalise it.  You’ll receive a copy of your Cash Flow Forecast that can be uploaded into your own accounting system and used for finance applications.

  • Sets appropriate goals and targets and monitor/maintain your cash flow on a monthly basis
  • Helps you understand the key drivers and therefore better understand your business
  • Gives you peace of mind and control over your cash flow
  • Monitors and assists with your bank lending requirements and lease agreements
  • Identifies how much you need to set aside for tax
  • Forewarns you of potential cashflow issues to manage and reduce the effects
  • Helps you identify inconsistencies in trading
  • Distinguishes between your monthly and annual business operation trends
  • Alerts you to potential creditor hassles
  • Helps you avoid costs associated with non-payment/late payment, i.e. penalties, interest and potentially sour supplier relationships
  • Is a timely method of monitoring and evaluating your performance
  • Clarifies how much revenue you really need to achieve the profits expected
  • Encourages you to be accountable for goal achievement
  • Helps support the development of your business strategies
  • Provides continued direction and motivation for your Team
  • Determines the future direction of your business and helps realise potential

Don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say about us.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the great service you and your team provide. I know I am a fairly new client and have only been self employed for several months now but dang! you guys have taken all of the discomfort out of the accounting/tax/financial side for me, something of which I have never enjoyed in the past due to previous experiences with the last couple of incompetent accountants I used. At first I thought the monthly fees were too high for a small business owner like myself but I now take that back, your services are worth every cent.”

Mark Haynes Director - Revolution Engine Services Ltd

Yesterday’s business planning session was definitely a great thought provoking exercise. I’ll need a bit of time to digest things but I’m sure there a number of other ideas that I will come back to you with. Thanks again Peter, I feel very confident now that we have made the right decision moving to your services. I can see how this partnership will add huge value to our organisation in the long run!

Matthew Scott Technical Director, On Guard Security Solutions Ltd.

As a new business, the business planning session with MHCO aligned us as Directors and Shareholders and collated all of the most important factors we needed to consider together into one place. We walked away with a ton of motivation to put this plan into action and grow the business. We’re already looking forward to our next Quarterly Coaching session with Pete and knowing that we are being held accountable to our actions ensures we actually get them done!

The Small Spaces Team