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Meeting your goals during a global slowdown

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Meeting your goals during a global slowdown Business owners were definitely more optimistic coming into 2022, but we’ve found a number of factors are now making things a lot more challenging: – Global events are pushing up energy prices to astronomical levels.– Ongoing supply-chain issues are making it difficult to source materials.– A scarcity of […]

The Traits of Success – Discover the Three Freedoms

What makes up success is something we’ve had to think a lot about. At Maisey Harris & Co, helping businesses become successful is what drives us in what we do. But we’ve learned that success isn’t as easy to define as simply having a profitable, growing company. If you ask what success means to people, you […]

Living above the Line – Understanding O.A.R.B.E.D

Ownership. Accountability. Responsibility.                                                                                                     Blame. Excuses. Denial. […]

Forecasting: Focusing on Your Business’s Future

Previously on this blog we discussed Profit vs Cash Flow. However, here at MHCo we don’t just look at what your business is doing but also where it is going. The new era of accounting is here, and looking forward is the new black. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to know more! MHCo is […]