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End of Year Client Get Together!

The festive season is fast approaching, and with the end of year just around the corner, we would love to catch up before it does to say thanks for being a part of the MHCo family. Come over to our office and join the team for a beer or wine (or non-alcoholic beverage), we will […]

GST Invoice Rules are Changing

GST invoice rules change_Maisey Harris & Co_Blog

GST invoice rules are changing – making life easier No more piles of receipts and invoices required! Dealing with GST invoices will be much simpler under Inland Revenue’s new rules, which come into effect on 1 April, 2023. The goal is to modernise your record-keeping systems, which means you’ll be able to get closer to […]

The 7 causes of poor cashflow

Cashflow Freedom_the 7 causes of poor cashflow_maisey harris & co blog

The 7 causes of poor cashflow. Cash is the life blood of any business. In fact, even profitable businesses can and do fail because of poor cashflow. What’s important is that you understand your key drivers of cashflow. Improving cashflow is often all about changing your business’s processes, for example, how you order stock and pay for […]