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MHCo Strengths Session

On Monday 18 September, the MHCo team had the pleasure of listening to Josh Cox from Yellow Umbrella for a teams strengths session.

We got to take a closer look at our unique strengths, pinpoint which strengths were ‘hangry’, and identified how we should be feeding them.

Together, we engaged in team-building activities that challenged us to put our heads together to solve problems. This experience not only highlighted our uniqueness but also showcased our individual talents, pushing us to blend our distinct strengths for a common goal. So, next time you face a challenge, remember – teamwork makes the dream work, and it’s a lot more fun too!

Why do we do this?

At Maisey Harris & Co, we are big believers in feeding our strengths and growing as a team. We’re committed to nurturing and empowering our strengths, fostering growth, and achieving even greater success. By knowing each other’s unique strengths, we are able to leverage each person’s individual and unique skills and enhance productivity, an be the best person we can be to help our clients achieve success.

Here’s what we learnt:

  1. Identify your Strengths: What do your strengths mean for you? What do they look like in your life?
  2. Recognise “Hangry” Strengths: Which of your strengths need ‘feeding’?
  3. Assess Needs: Consider what these strengths need to flourish. What can you be doing differently?
  4. Set Goals: Create specific goals for how you can nourish and develop these “hangry” strengths.
  5. Reflect and Adjust: Periodically assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your approach. You may find that some strengths require more or less attention over time.

What’s more, everyone’s strengths are unique – and each strength may look different depending on the person. Understanding and appreciating the unique ways in which each person’s strengths shine adds depth to our team, creating a more inclusive and dynamic work atmosphere.

At MHCo, we believe that our strong company culture underpins our successful, resilient businesses. We understand that identifying our diverse and unique strengths is an essential aspect of a thriving, supportive company culture, and it’s a cornerstone of any innovative business.

That’s why we are focused on identifying each other’s strengths, learning from them, and nourishing our team to put the pedal to the metal together.

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