It’s time to get ready for the end of the financial year.

The end of another financial year is fast approaching and with that in mind we’ve put together our top tips to ensure you are ready…

Top tip # 1

Get your 2020 financials completed ASAP so you know your position.

We will be emailing end-of-year questionnaires at the beginning of next month (April). The format will look a little different which in turn should make it easier for you to fill out. So, keep an eye on your inbox because the sooner you get this done the sooner we complete your work and you can sit back and relax, with the peace of mind that your financials have been sorted.

Top tip # 2

Write off bad debts.

Don’t pay tax on money you won’t receive! If you have done all you can to recover a debt and are ready to write them off, you need to make sure this is done before 31 March 2020 in order for the tax deduction to apply. If you are unsure how to write off a debt give us a call. Also if you haven’t already, consider sending the debt to a debt collection agency such as these guys:

Top tip # 3

Complete a stock take.

If you carry stock of more than $10,000 then you will need to complete a stock take so we know how much stock you have at 31 March 2020. Stock can heavily affect your profit, and therefore tax, so it’s important we get this right. When completing the stock take we need the GST exclusive figure. The amount you give us should be the lower of what you paid for the stock and its estimated value. (9 times out of 10 this will just be the cost value).

Top tip # 4

Get your records ready.

Whilst most of the information will be in Xero we do require some items from you:

  • Ensure your Xero is up to date;
  • Bank statements at 31 March so we can confirm the Xero balances are correct;
  • Bank loan summaries at 31 March;
  • Invoices for assets purchased;
  • Any new finance/HP agreements.

Top tip # 5

Don’t forget about your home office.

If you are completing work from home, a portion of your home expenses can be claimed as a business expense.  Common home expenses that can be used in this calculation are rates, home & contents insurance, power, internet/phone and rent or mortgage interest.  You will also need to provide the total area of your house along with the total area of the space set aside for work related tasks.  For more information about this, check out our previous blog Tax tips with MHCO part 1 – Claiming Home Office

Top tip # 6

Remember the minimum wage increase.

Just a reminder that the minimum wage will increase by $1.20 in April, from $17.70 to $18.90. If you have adult employees (16 years and over) earning less than $18.90 an hour, you are legally required to increase their wage from 01/04/2020.

Top tip # 7

Consider your goals for the upcoming year.

As we close out another financial year, ensure you take a moment to reflect on the year that was and then look forward to the upcoming year. Even more so, in these uncertain and unsettling times, it’s important to refocus and ensure you have an up-to-date business plan and third party to help you set your goals and help coach you to achieve them. We are here to help. Get in touch with us if you want to update your business plan, reset your goals, prepare a budget or have a business coach to help guide you and your business through the next year.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks, the MHCO team.