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Management Tactics & HR Best Practices

Do you have the basics covered when it comes to keeping your business on track? If you’re new to business and need a better understanding of the basics, we’ve got […]

Foundations of Business Success

Do you consider yourself new to business? Do you want the opportunity to upskill and learn in a group environment? Our workshop series, Foundations of Business Success, will cover all […]

Xero Invoicing and Quotes

Join us for an exciting and interactive workshop where we’ll dive into the art of invoicing and quotes with Xero! If you want to find ways to streamline the ways […]

Navigating The 10 Hats:

Strategies for Mindset, Capacity, and Leverage in the Business Is running your business overwhelming at times? Are you finding yourself spread too thin? Being a business owner doesn’t mean you […]

MHCo Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns: Nourishing Business Success Take a break for your day and fuel both your mind and body with great ideas and new learnings that you can apply straight […]

MHCo Strengths Session

On Monday 18 September, the MHCo team had the pleasure of listening to Josh Cox from Yellow Umbrella for a teams strengths session. We got to take a closer look […]

GST Invoice Rules are Changing

GST invoice rules change_Maisey Harris & Co_Blog

GST invoice rules are changing – making life easier No more piles of receipts and invoices required! Dealing with GST invoices will be much simpler under Inland Revenue’s new rules, […]

Meeting your goals during a global slowdown

Maisey Harris & Co_Blog_Goals_Accounting_Meeting your goals during a global slowdown

Meeting your goals during a global slowdown Business owners were definitely more optimistic coming into 2022, but we’ve found a number of factors are now making things a lot more […]

The 7 causes of poor cashflow

Cashflow Freedom_the 7 causes of poor cashflow_maisey harris & co blog

The 7 causes of poor cashflow. Cash is the life blood of any business. In fact, even profitable businesses can and do fail because of poor cashflow. What’s important is that you […]